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theaudioandvideoguy 26/06/2012

Charter Oak E700: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"very good"

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The E700 from Charter Oak is an instrument and vocal mic, but I prefer to use it for instruments only. More along the lines of acoustic instruments because with the sound that it can record you will want to use instruments that don’t have a lot of punch to them like brass. Though you can record brass with it but it wont be as good as it will with acoustic guitar or grand piano’s and such. The price tag that is on the Charter Oak E700 is pretty large, it is out of most home musicians budgets that’s why you really only see it in a larger studio that has the money to invest into mics like this but if you get the chance to use it especially on guitar you will love the way it sounds and want to take it home then you will realize you can afford it like I did. It just cost to much when there are other mics that are similar maybe not as good but close that you can afford to have at home.


Overall, this is a very good large diaphragm condenser mic it has a switch able pattern which really makes a difference with this mic. It does also require some phantom power as well and hooks up with the basic XLR cables. This mic is a top quality mic that If have the money and a well treated room you will be on your way to getting great recording of your instruments. I have no used it for voice yet, so I really cant say to much about vocals on the E700. But from what I have heard it records mid to higher tone vocals at great crips clean quality. It is a flawless mic in my oppinion and anyone who can afford it should make the purchase .