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afterglow479 28/09/2008

Charter Oak E700: Produktbewertung von afterglow479 (content in English)


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This is a very nice large diaphragm condenser mic. It is a little pricey so you probably will want to keep this one safe in the studio in the nice box they give you. It is by default a cardioid pickup pattern, but you can switch it to be omni or figure 8. The switchable pattern really comes in handy depending on your recording situation, and really increases the value of this mic. It connects with a standard XLR cable and requires phantom power to work. The grill on this mic is a little bit thicker than most tend to be, so plosives are reduced more than you would expect.


I got this mic about a year ago. I was considering getting a TLM149, but decided to try this mic out instead because I'd heard good things. I'm glad I did! Basically this mic sounds great. I love to use it on female vocals. It really suits those kinds of sources, where you want a nice and soft recording. This mic definitely has a character to it, which does limit its usefulness just a little bit, but since the character is very pleasing that definitely makes up for it. My favorite facet of this mic is the switchable pattern, and the warmth and softness it imparts to your source material. You won't be disappointed with this mic on your lead vocals! This mic isn't cheap, but for the money you get a very high quality condenser that's made in the US. Not to mention they give you a fancy box for storing it, which is a nice bonus. I use this on vocals sometimes over much more expensive mics, just because the character you get from this mic really complements some singers' voices. I definitely highly recommend this mic, it sounds great. I would get it again.