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mitchgeist 14/11/2012

CAD GXL 2400: Produktbewertung von mitchgeist (content in English)

"CAD GXL2400 great 4 price"

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t's 'only' a cardiod but, at this price you can't expect more. It DOES have a low cut switch. I don't use though because the shock mount works well and my stand and vocal booth have no rumble. I prefer to filter freq. during mixing. However, if you need it, it's there. Shock mount works well but, mine at least, has a little 'wobble' right where the tightening screw is. Doesn't affect stability.


Sounds is warm and 'punchy' - works well on male and female vocals - every singer immediately commented on the warmth and clarity, even compared to my other mics costing more than 20x times the price! Worked beautifully on classical and steel string guitars. Very, very low self-noise. A+