Blue Microphones Bluebird
Blue Microphones Bluebird

Bluebird, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Blue Microphones in the Essential series.

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BeyondR 06/01/2013

Blue Microphones Bluebird: Produktbewertung von BeyondR (content in English)


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BLUE Bluebird is a Studio Condenser Microphone that can be used for recordings.

It uses a condenser technology that captures a wide dynamic range and a rich sound complete in subtones and overtones.


The thing that I like most about it is how well it captures the recording, the sound provided can be used in pro recordings and get that rich , full sound that you hear on those amazing studios.

There is another detail that I can't ignore , the details consist on the design provided , which is completely unique and weird, but don't get fooled, this microphone is a bomb and so it's the recording.
That blue , shiny surface changes the whole atmosphere when you're working with this microphone.
Something that really blew my mind, was the fact that this product doesn't has any off/ on switches , so it's basically very simple and straight-forward which I enjoyed so much.

This microphone has tight cardioid pickup pattern that boots the quality of the vocal recordings , well-balanced midrange and extended highs that make a huge difference in terms of texture and tone.

This product also has a specially-designed BirdCage shock mount and a BirdNest metal mesh pop filter which make this product a keeper.

My opinion about the value of the price is decent , this microphone doesn't cost much , around 300 $ , however the unique design and the simplicity of this product is worth the money without a doubt.

Precision and quality of sound is great, the recording sound complete in terms of frequency range , it captures all the necessary colors in the recording which make a huge difference.

I've tried many condenser microphones, however this is one of the greatest concerning range price.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this microphone again.