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stompboxjon 02/11/2012

Behringer C-3: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Not quiet enough"

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The Behringer C-3 is a large dual diaphragm condenser mic that has a cardioids, omni and figure 8 pickup patterns. On paper the Behringer C-3 looks great because it cost less than 100 dollars and comes with those pickup patterns. But that is not the case, this microphone is very noisy. It is so noisy it pretty much makes it unusable. I do not even recommend this microphone to someone who is on a small budget and is a beginner. You can get a better microphone for cheaper than this one is.


Behringer claims that the Behringer C-3 can be used for instruments (acoustic) but there is just no way that it could work for me because the recordings are not warm enough and the microphone has a constant noise to it. it is built well and has a rugged body to it. I don’t even see this microphone breaking down or going out over time even if it is dropped a few times.
The value for the price that It cost is decent, because it only cost about 65 dollars. But still at that price you can get a better sounding and quieter USB microphone from Blue Microphones or even another brand that will give you a better and warmer sound than this condenser will from Behringer. I have had a lot of problems with Behringer mics over the years and I think it is because they are focused on manufacturing microphones that are cheaper and more affordable rather than putting out microphones that have a great sound and quality to them. The quality of sound is below average for microphones in this price range which I do not understand because if you look at the specs of the microphone you would expect it to sound a lot better and be really quiet like Behringer claims that it is.