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theaudioandvideoguy 24/06/2012

Behringer C-3: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)


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The C3 from Behringer was an up and down mic for me. At first I was happy with it, it has some issues with losing a lot of frequencies from time to time. The crazy thing is that sometimes when I was using it , it would work fine and sound great, but then other times after recording with it then going back to mix the song before it gets mastered and you look at the eq wave forms from what you just recorded with the c3 some of the top end or high’s will be really weak and thin and the mids and lows will be thick and stong. Which means that I had to do some boosting on the higher frequencies which can really get sloppy if its not done right so I had to have someone else to it so I didn’t mess it all up because for some reason I couldn’t get it clean. But this is just too much of a hassle and for the mic to be unreliable, every time I used it I was wondering if it was going to cause this issue again, that is something that I don’t want to be worried with down the road. I want to record and be good to start mixing it down easy before It gets mastered.


The C3 is actually a failure compaired to the sound of the version that was out before this one, that is very disappointing because I have used the c-1 and I loved it many years ago. So when I was thinking of getting the C3 I got it at a discount so I thought it was a steal but when it was all done I ended up taking the mic back for its inconsistency. I had a lot of problems with e frequencies on this mic, I wouldn’t purchase it again.