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RuudNL 06/04/2012

Behringer C-3: Produktbewertung von RuudNL (content in English)

"Noisy microphone!"

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Because I own a couple of Behringer B-5 microphones that perform really well, I bought the Behringer C-3. The B-5's have a very low self noise. But unfortunately the C-3 is very noisy! I took a look inside and discovered that they use a cheap TL072 as head amplifier. No surprise that you get noise at this low level... As far as I could see the capsules look the same as the capsules used in the B-5. The pattarn switching is done by a CD4066.
I think I will remove the PCB completely and replace it with a new designed head amplifier. The microphone was rather cheap and the capsules are probably very good. So: a good object for some DIY!


The capsules seem to be of good quality, but the design of the head amplifier is poor.