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Marshall92 31/10/2008

Audio-Technica AT2020: Produktbewertung von Marshall92 (content in English)


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The Audio-Technica AT2020 is an inexpensive studio condenser microphone. It retails for about one hundred dollars. It's a basic microphone, meaning it doesn't have a high pass filter switch on it. Although the microphone doesn’t ship with a shock mount (I wish it did), it does come with a mic stand adapter, which fits any common mic stand. It has a cardioid pick up pattern, which you may love or hate. It’s ultimately up to the person and what they're using it for. Personally, I love it because it doesn’t seem to pick up as much access noise, unless you want it to.


I have been using the AT2020 for about 3 monthes now and love it more everyday. It's an exceptionally strong mic, and if you place it in an open area, it can pick up things your ears can’t even hear. One of the At2020’s hidden charms is that it's great at recording ambient noise for your work, just turn your pre amps all way up.
To me, the AT2020 sounds just as good as microphones that cost twice as much as it does. It sounds great when you're micing guitars, once you get it in the right position. The microphone does really well all around, I have used it many times for vocals and it does an outstanding job. Another plus with At2020 is that it’s extremely well built and very rugged. This mic survived a six foot free-fall onto a tile floor from a mic stand, and landed without even getting a scratch. I think Audio-Technica could easily raise the price of this mic by 50 bucks and sell just as many, because it's really good. Eventually, once I get the money to upgrade mics, I won’t be selling this one. I can almost assure you, I'll be staying in the Audio-Technica family of microphones because I was so blown away by the quality and workmanship of the AT2020.