Roland SC-8820
Roland SC-8820

SC-8820, Klangerzeuger from Roland.

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ericthegreat 13/01/2012

Roland SC-8820: Produktbewertung von ericthegreat (content in English)

"easy to install"

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The Roland SC 8800 is a smaller rack mount unit that was used a lot many years ago. This model is older and outdated, but some of the sounds still hold their weight. I have never been a fan of a lot of the products that Roland releases especially the keyboards and sound modules. But I must say this one is pretty good, it has midi connections as well as audio connections. This module isn’t the most complex module that I have used but the Roland SC 8800 is still sort of difficult to get used to no matter what module or equipment you are coming from. You will need to pick up the manual and do some reading on the Roland SC 8800 before you will be able to navigate through the module itself.


The thing that didn’t sit right with me is the effects, there aren’t many effects to choose from when you want to add a little creativity to sounds.


I had to use my DAW to add extra effects to the sounds which really isn’t that big of a deal, but when I purchase equipment I like it to be able to do everything that I need on that equipment not having to route it through another mixer just to add more effects. This can be a hassle and interrupt my workflow.


Overall the SC 8800 module is and was ok, but like I said Roland’s modules aren’t the best. This module is out dated and no longer produced so if you purchase it from a third party beware because you wont get much support from Roland at all on an item that is no longer sold and or produced. Definitely look into just fishing out more money and getting a more up to date module with high quality sounds that are ready to go, and with more effects for you to use.