Korg P3
Korg P3

P3, Klangerzeuger from Korg.

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stompboxjon 22/05/2012

Korg P3: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Still use it"

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The Korg P3 is an older module that will still kick out some pretty solid sounds for your music. If you are into some of the M1 sounds that Korg had than you are good to go with the P3, it has some of the same sounds but basically the same feel of the Korg M1. Even though this module is older it still may have some stuff you might be interested in using. I still love a lot of the sounds that it has on board. I am not a fan of the effects though, I have to run it through my effects channels in my daw just for more versatility because it lacks in the effects department.


Setting it up was easy and no need for a manual as I just used it mainly for the presets and nothing more, even though there really isn’t much more you can do with it. It has a 16 voice polyphony. Using all of the basic functions of this module are easy to access and keep in mind that you cant rack this unit (don’t know what they made it like this) but you just have to set it somewhere and it also seems to be pretty fragile I wouldn’t want to take the risk of knocking I off of a table or something so keep it somewhere safe.


very realistic and full/rich.


Sounds are good on the P3 I still use some of them today, and some of they piano’s sound full rich and amazing like some grand piano’s I have used. But of course you wont get the grand piano feel if you are using a cheap midi keyboard to play the sounds with. Also make sure you have a good audio interface with this because you don’t want lag between your midi keyboard and the audio coming out of the module also known as latency. You can find this module by Korg online or even on eBay and its pretty cheap.