Hartke KM60
Hartke KM60

KM60, Keyboardverstärker from Hartke in the KM series.

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sw80 31/01/2013

Hartke KM60: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"Has a 7 band graphic EQ and Mic input"

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The Hartke KM60 is a keyboard amplifier that I had the chance to use when I was working with a local group and doing some small performances with them. This amplifier was one that they already had, so I did not have to bring my own. It does not get very loud, and we didn’t need it to be very loud but the thing about it I liked the most is that it has a full 7 band graphic EQ built right into it. This was so perfect for me that after I was done working with the group I ended up purchasing a used KM60 for about 250 dollars and still have it to this day. It has a microphone input and 4 mono line inputs on it. There are two speakers in the cabinet one of them being a tweeter and one being a 10 inch speaker.


The weight is 50 pounds, and though it has no effects I could deal with that because of the graphic EQ and microphone input. Brand new this retails for around 350 so finding a lightly used one for 250 was a steal for me and I jumped on it fast. This amp is very easy to use and has good warmth; it is portable and great for small gigs and performances. It was easy to get in and out of my car’s trunk, and didn’t give me any back pains carrying it by the handle which is well built.


I highly recommend getting this amplifier if you are a keyboard player and you gig or play with a band because of the sound quality and EQ. The only change I would make with this would be to add some reverb too it but outside of that I found no cons to having it. It is fun to have and gives you the sound you need to sound great!