SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
SSL XLogic Alpha Channel

XLogic Alpha Channel, Kanalzug from SSL in the XLogic series.

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moosers 20/05/2009

SSL XLogic Alpha Channel: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel is an analog channel strip that is designed by and after the classic SSL consoles. It has 1/4 inch connections in the back as well as an XLR input in the front of the unit. It is indeed a rackable piece of gear and will only take up a single rack space unit.


While the make up of the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel has a lot to offer, it isn't too complicated or hard to figure out. The unit contains both a high class pre amp and a series of EQ sections. The pre amp has buttons for choosing either Hi Z or XLR input, as well as a pad, phantom power, and a phase switch. It also has knobs for level and variable harmonic drive. It then has an insert section with a few buttons as well as filter buttons and an EQ in/out button. There are then three EQ sections - one is a low end filter, one is middle, and one is high. It also has an output section with a leveling knob and a lite limit button. Everything is laid out smartly and after a little bit of use you should be able to understand everything that this unit has to offer. The manual for the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel is pretty thorough, but isn't really necessary unless you are new to channel strips.


The sound of the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel is incredible and is definitely has that SSL tone that you are probably looking for if you buy or try this out. It can be use for any recording application and I've used it on everything from drums to lead vocals with good results. It has a lot parameters to insure that you can get the tone that you are after. It won't really color your sound, but does have its own unique sound that is extremely clean. Overall, this is truly a great sounding channel strip.


I've been using the SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel for about a year and I can truly say that this is a great channel strip. I'm a big fan of SSL's products and the XLogic Alpha Channel provides a great sounding unit that really won't break the bank. The very reasonable price makes it a legit option for home studio owners and professionals alike. I can't say enough about how great this channel strip sounds and if you are looking for a great channel strip with a super clean sound, this needs to be tried out.