Shure SE215
Shure SE215

SE215, In-ear/Ear-pad from Shure in the SE Models series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 25/03/2012

Shure SE215: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"Shure created some great in ear phones"

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The Shure SE 215 in ear headphones will sit right in your ear very comfortably and give you a great musical experience. I love these, I am usually not a fan of “in ear” headphones because they just aren’t very comfortable to me and they usual sound like your listening to music on a old radio. Meaning they usually have a very dull high frequency sound. These really are not like they, they give off just enough bass that you can really get your head bobbing to the music and feel it. The high’s are not over doing it either, they put off a very clean sound, I am really impressed by Shure with these headphones , these are actually one of the first pair of in ear headphones I have used from Shure. I had no idea Shure made these type of headphones. On the best things about these headphones is that you can detached the cord from the actual headphone. I have seen this on hundereds of normal headphones but on an in ear headphone? I have never seen that and I though it was pretty cool and innovative. If there is every an issue, mainly a short in your wires you can easily replace them and not have to purchase a whole new set of headphones. Not that you would have to replace them, because they seem to last a long time.

You can also, get them in different sizes as well, which is a good thing but odd to me. Most in ear headphones are mainly one size fits all. So by Shure doing this shows that they are truly thinking about the customer because they would have to have all these different sizes that not that many people might not buy. So they have a little more overhead in that department.

But overall, great in ear headphones. Plug these up to your iPod and you wont need anything else, you can wrap these up and put em your pocket and have no worries. Very durable and long lasting.