Mindprint DTC Dual Tube Channel
Mindprint DTC Dual Tube Channel

DTC Dual Tube Channel, Hybrid-Vorverstärker from Mindprint.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Mindprint DTC Dual Tube Channel: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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Not really a whole lot missing, more inputs would be great- but for a dual channel pre-amp, its a GREAT price.

Price paid: $1800 USD


No problems- XLR and 1/4inch inputs and the same outputs. It has phantom power for my mics. I love it because I can route 1/4 inch cables into my digi 002 without taking up one of its 4 XLR inputs- so it makes way for more inputs on my other system.

Built fairly well, some of the roll off buttons stick at times.


This piece of equipment is a dual tube preamp/eq/compressor. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I paid $999 USD for it, but the street price is right around 1800, lists for 2300 or so. I love this piece of gear- honestly, it gives the similar product made by Avalon a run for its money. It does great with kick and snare, theres a bunch of control over tonal quality, eq, and compression. a -20dB roll of switch is ideal for louder instruments. When used right out of the box, it sounds great- a little tweaking to compression settings and eq- and it sounds amazing- especially if you already have a nice mic (Neumann or B.L.U.E). It also sounds amazing on vocals.



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Posted by: RelicRecordings (January 2-, 2005)