Henry Engineering Matchbox HD
Henry Engineering Matchbox HD

Matchbox HD, Hybrid-Vorverstärker from Henry Engineering.

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moosers 05/04/2010

Henry Engineering Matchbox HD: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Henry Engineering Matchbox HD is what they call a stereo level and impedance interface. Basically, it converts unbalanced -10 db levels to a balanced +4 connection. It has connections in the form of XLRs for two inputs and two outputs, as well as RCA connections for the same. The Matchbox HD has a built in power supply that has a standard power cable attached to it. It isn't in rack mountable form as it is a small box to sit on your desk or on top of your rack. In other words, it isn't something that needs to be set up all the time.


Setting up the Henry Engineering Matchbox HD is a very simple process. It has basic connections, so once they are in place you're all good to go. There aren't any parameters, as it simply does the job at hand without needing to be told what to do. There isn't really anything that you need to know about the Matchbox HD beyond making the proper connections, so a manual isn't something that is needed unless perhaps you're having some sort of technical difficulty or something like that.


The sound quality of the Henry Engineering Matchbox HD is absolutely superb. It is definitely the cleanest sounding impedance converter that I've used, although it isn't something that it necessary if you already have the proper set up. However, if in fact you do need a very high quality impedance converter and leveler, you can't get a much better sounding one than the Matchbox HD.


Although probably only necessary in professional recording studios who need to have the proper converters and high quality connections available at all times, for what it does the Henry Engineering Matchbox HD can't be beat. It converts your impedance cleanly without adding any noise, hum, and any other sound of it's own whatsoever. In fact, it eliminates all noise that you will get with other lesser impedance converting devices. If you're working in a professional studio environment and need something like this, I'd definitely encourage you to go with the Matchbox HD.