Vox VR30R
Vox VR30R

VR30R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Valve Reactor series.

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AllThumbsguitarplayer 24/03/2013

Vox VR30R: Produktbewertung von AllThumbsguitarplayer (content in English)

"Avoid it..."

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The clean channel is just ok, but the gain is pretty bad, in my opinion.
(I have an amp that I paid $50 for that has a better lead channel.)
This isn't the best, and that's probably why it was quickly discontinued.

The clean channel is workable, and it's got reverb.
I guess you could fix the distortion with a pedal.

I'll go back to either all tubes or all solid state.
All tubes has been way better for me, but I have had a couple of solid state amps that are great for bedroom practice. This isn't one of them, unfortunately.


The clean is ok to decent, the gain channel was work to get even a bad sound.


Clean with reverb is what I was looking for, and it does it.
I'm still regretting this purchase.


No, I probably wouldn't buy it again.