Vic Firth SIH1
Vic Firth SIH1

SIH1, Hifi-Kopfhörer from Vic Firth.

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drumster 14/07/2014

Vic Firth SIH1: Produktbewertung von drumster (content in English)

"Decent headphones for drummers"

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More than just being a manufacturer of high-quality drumsticks, Vic Firth also produces several accessories for drummers of various ages, styles, and preferences. One of their most popular accessories is the SIH1 Stereo Isolation Headphones.

I have my SIH1 for almost 5 years, and I mainly use it for monitoring and play-along during practice and live performances. Design-wise, this is pretty much Vic Firth’s isolation earmuffs that are fitted with stereo headphones and cables for use as a monitoring and listening device. The first time I wore it, it had quite a tight fit. It was a bit uncomfortable for me at first, but later on it loosened a bit and I got used to it. Its snug fit is an assurance that these headphones won’t slip off my head during performance. I wish the design of the earmuffs was less bulky and more compact. I look like I have two large black domes on the sides of my head.

At its price range, I wasn’t expecting a stellar sound quality similar to high-end models from popular headphone brands (Shure, Monster, Sony, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, etc). I look at it as blue-collar drummer’s headphones. The SIH1's sound quality is not at par with the Shure and M-Audio in-ear monitors that I have owned and used. It may not be high-end, but its sound quality is decent enough to be used for monitoring and listening. So if high sound quality is important to you, get the high-end, more expensive models. Otherwise, the SIH1 does its job of providing decent monitoring.

I also like the idea that the SIH1 is also an ear protection device. I can also use this just like a pair of earmuffs, in case I want to preserve and protect my hearing during practice. During performance, it also helps reduce ambient noise from the drums and other instruments. In terms of ear protection (plus our responsibility of adjusting the music at a safe and reasonable volume level), this is highly effective.

One thing to watch out for is the SIH1’s cable. After months of use, the stereo jack got broken, and I had it repaired by my techie guitar player. I also have a drummer friend whose SIH1’s cables failed, and he asked his repairman to replace it with a removable cable (which is a good idea that Vic Firth can consider). Another thing to look after is its frame. With regular use, it may look like it can break pretty easily. On my SIH1, the fabric-like material on the “hairband” part of the frame already has a few small tears.

Overall, the Vic Firth SIH1 is a decent set of headphones for drummers. It may not be the best-sounding headphones available, but it does its job well in monitoring and protecting our valuable hearing.