Digidesign MBox2
Digidesign MBox2

MBox2, Heimstudio Paket from Digidesign.

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AlanForPresident 09/05/2012

Digidesign MBox2: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"a little tricky in fl"

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I received my Mbox 2 from Digidesign in a bundle package that I purchased from musicians friend website back in the summer of 2009. It came with a mic, pro tools and two studio monitors. The studio monitors and mic were pretty cheap though but the Mbox 2 was definitely worth the purchase. It connected to my computer / laptop and synced up with my DAW pretty easy. I really didn’t use it with pro tools because I was impatient and couldn’t figure out the ins and out connection settings in pro tools itself so I used it in fl studio.

It worked great, I had no issues with it and im glad to say that I had a chance to use it. Though it doesn’t have enough instrument in hook ups for me anymore because I need at least 6 for all of my gear, but at the time it was just what I needed. When using it in FL Studio I did hit some complications though getting it to work each time. For some reason it happened to a lot of fl users. I read on the forums for fl studio that many people had issues with getting the Mbox 2 go work properly in their system. But that wasn’t Digidesign’s fault.

Overall, if you need an audio interface to track your gear into and through there might not be a better more affordable audio interface on the market today. But as I stated if you are using it with fl studio beware because there may be some complications and if you are using it in pro tools make sure you read the manual because getting the ins and outs right will take some time if you don know what your doing. But knowing what I know now I would purchase it again. It works great and it can take a few small drops because I have dropped it a few times and it just left some minor scrapes on it.