Behringer Podcastudio USB
Behringer Podcastudio USB

Podcastudio USB, Heimstudio Paket from Behringer.

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AlanForPresident 09/05/2012

Behringer Podcastudio USB: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"perfect for my show"

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The Behringer Podcastudio USB is package that you really need to have if you are audio blogging or pod casting from home. I have been using this for years and run a little online sports talk radio station with it. It has far exceeded my expectations and is everything I needed. I had no idea what I really needed to get started with this type of stuff because it was my first time running a talk blog from my computer. So I thought that I would do it with a regular mic but for some reason I went out and bought this package and I am 100 percent happy with my decision to go with the Behringer Podcastudio. All of my listeners really say that everything sounds great compared to what I was using before I got this. So I think by having the podcastudio it brought me some more listeners because of how good the quality actually was. I purchased this for 89 dollars from a seller on eBay and it was brand new. I think retail its around 100 dollars so I got a 10 dollar discount and im very happy .

The little interface that comes with it is one that Behringer also sells stand alone. Which is one of the reason that I purchased this package because I already had the interface by behringer and it works great so I knew for a fact that I can trust Behringer to put out a Podcasting system that would work great. You will love the Behringer Pod cast studio I suggest you get this for the cheap price that it is and don’t waste your time buying everything separate like I was going to. I would have ended up paying way more money than 89 dollars if I would have did it that way.