Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer

GE-7 Equalizer, Graphic equalizer pedal from Boss.

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moosers 26/02/2009

Boss GE-7 Equalizer: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Boss GE-7 is an analog seven band equalizer that is specifically made for the guitar. The seven frequency bands are fixed to frequencies that are important when it comes to guitar and has the ability to either cut or boost 15 db for each. It is powered by either a nine volt battery or a nine volt battery and is not rackable as it is a stomp box. It has a 1/4 inch input for your guitar and a 1/4 inch output for your amp as well.


The configuration of the GE-7 is about as basic as it gets. It simply has sliders that control the seven frequency bands and also has a slider for the overall output level. I don't have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn't need it.


The equalization on the GE-7 is clean sounding and the pedal won't add noise or color your sound. It is nice to have the preset frequency bands in the right places, but I usually prefer having control over what frequencies I control, which is why I usually tend to use parametric EQs. If you feel that you need an external EQ other than what you control on your amp, this will definitely do the trick.


I got the Boss GE-7 for about four years ago and since have sold it because I decided I didn't need any sort of EQ pedal. I didn't sell it because it wasn't effective, I just didn't use it enough to warrant having it around. The pedal is clean and easy to use and if you are looking to get an EQ in terms of a guitar foot pedal, this is absolutely worth a try. Boss is known for making some great pedals and this is no exception to the rule.