Big Bends Chiffon AXS Microfibres
Big Bends Chiffon AXS Microfibres

Chiffon AXS Microfibres, Gitarrenzubehör from Big Bends.

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MountAnDewMe 02/08/2012

Big Bends Chiffon AXS Microfibres: Produktbewertung von MountAnDewMe (content in English)

"One of the best polish cloths ever."

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The AXS micro fiber cloth from Big Bends is one of the best guitar cloths I have ever purchased. It is so much softer then any other micro fiber cloth of this thickness I have owned. Usually when a micro fiber cloth is this supple it is also very thin and breaks down fast. This cloth is very substantial and will hold up to many uses and cleaning.

I originally purchased this cloth to replace some of my old Fender cloths that had seen the test of time wear them out. These were re branded Maguiare’s cloths and came packaged with the American deluxe series guitars. The cloth felt incredible out of the package and the initial inspection not only insured me that my instruments would be safe under their care but also that the stitch free ends were made well and would not prove to be the undoing of the product.

I used the two cloths for different purposes. One was for designated to be used with cleaners and polishes on my urethane finished guitars. The other was never to see any products outside of filtered water for use on my nitro finished guitars.

The cloth I used to clean with cleaners and polishes did a wonderful job. It performed flawlessly during the cleaning phase. I believe it did the job in less time and left a smoother more evenly clean look than when I used the Fender cloths. The aspect I liked best was the fact I seemed to need to apply less pressure when cleaning to achieve a better result. I usually dust of loose particles before beginning but it was nice knowing that if any were still there they were not getting trapped in the cloth and hard pressed into the finish. After use I cleaned the cloths by hand and they returned very close to there original form. I have cleaned this one about five times now and it still looks about the same.

As for the one I used on the nitro guitar it performed beyond expectations. Without getting into a lesson on nitro based finishes they never harden fully and cleaners will damage them. Filtered water and elbow grease I find are the safest and most effective method to use on these finishes. As I mentioned earlier the extreme softness of the cloth and the ability to clean with less pressure was a perfect combination for a nitro based finish. I was very pleased and remain confident in using them on my very expensive instruments.

All in all this is my go to cleaning cloth and I will purchase more even though I do not need them just in case they stop producing them. The best cloth I have used for cleaning. Oh yes they also work great on flat screen televisions and I purchased one solely for that purpose.