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loudfunk 30/01/2012

Mono M80: Produktbewertung von loudfunk (content in English)

"Best double gig bag I had..."

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Before I went on the road to Asia last Spring I decided I was going to take 3 guitars. One in a flighttcase, and because luggage restrictions I needed a durable double gig bag that would keep my guitars safe in case of the flight crew making me gate check them.
When I got the M80 I was surprised to see how much effort they took in the design. Plenty of extra storage for pedals and on top a back pocket that will nicely conceal an iPad.
Plus you get internal hooks for keys, cables so they don't end up a wad of spaghetti, and each compartment where you keep the guitars gets they're own see through pick for picks.
You have water proof fabric, with stabilizing inserts to stiffen the whole things. There's a foam block for the guitar's head stock to be elevated plus velcro straps so they don't slide around inside.
I dragged the bag all over Asia. Had it gate checked numerous times, thrown about in buses. Even ended up at times with a 3rd guitar stuck inside and the bag did an amazing job protecting them.
The straps too are a damn smart design. For a change the gig bag doesn't ride way high over your head. like Reunion Blues bags which are amazing but every time I entered through a door way I banged the necks into the door frame. Not with the Mono. Also the straps are comfortable enough that you can carry it on long stretches without pain. And it has a cross lock between the straps to secure it nicely in place ala high end back pack.
Even the handle is comfortable. SO much so that carrying the bag won't cut into your hand even with the weight of 2 guitars (or more :-) in it.
I like that gig bag so much I order wallet, computer case etc from mono.