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tjon901 24/01/2012

Rockfield Pickups Mafia: Produktbewertung von tjon901 (content in English)

"Decent cheap pickups"

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Rockfield pickups are popping up in more and more budget guitars. I have been finding them most often in midrange B.C. Rich guitars. This exmaple was in a B.C. Rich Exotic classic Bich. I went and looked up the Rockfield site to see what these pickups are all about. The bridge pickup are pretty close to one another in output. The bridge has an output of 10.9k while the neck has an output of 10.3K. These pickups have ceramic magnets so they have more of a modern voicing to them. Like just about every modern pickup nowadays these pickups have four conductor wiring. The guitar I was trying them out in did not have coil splits though so I did not get to year the single coil tones from these pickups. These pickups sound a lot better than the typical no name pickups you might find in a lot of mid to low range guitars. They have like a beefed up 80s sound to them. They are super chunky. The low end is thick with strong mids and good top end clarity. They have a bit of squareness to the sound that is hard to describe. They kind of remind me of an EMG 85 in the bridge but a passive version of that. Thats not a bad thing at all. Like I said earlier the neck pickup is very similar to the bridge pickup tonally. It is not overpowered by the bridge pickup because of this. The low end is slightly dialed back to prevent too much flub in the sound and overall it is a good compliment to the bridge pickup. If you are looking for some budget pickup replacements or are buying a guitar with these pickups in it you might not need to throw them away. These pickups are pretty solid and can hold their own in most every condition.