PRS P-90
PRS P-90
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tjon901 26/01/2012

PRS P-90: Produktbewertung von tjon901 (content in English)

"The PRS Soapbar"

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Everyone knows about PRS and most everyone knows about their line of budget import guitar snamed the PRS SE line. One of my favorite guitars from that line of budget guitars are the Soapbar models. That is their name for the models in that line that come with their P90 pickup. I am a fan of the P90 design and their P90 design is one of the best on the market. The P90s they use in their budget guitars really make the guitars scream out of their price range. These pickups are tone monsters. With a P90 you get the beef of a humbucker with the high end bite of a single coil. This gives you a sound that is overflowing with rawness and for blues and classic rock this rawness gives you a really aggressive tone. Most of the PRS SE models have mahogany bodies so this helps the P90s get a super fat sound. I have heard tons of stories of people swapping out their PRS P90s with aftermarket pickups just to swap the stock pickups back in. These pickups really nail the raw P90 tone that everyone wants but few can get. All this and they come in guitars that are very very reasonably priced. If you roll off some tone you get a great woman tone. It really smooths up the sound. Playing with the volume gets you great dynamics as well. Just dialing back a tiny bit on the volume takes a bit of hair off the sound if thats what you are looking for. I do not know if you can buy these pickups buy themselves but they really are great pickups. These really sell the PRS SE Soapbar guitars. They are basic guitars overall but these pickups punch out of their weight class and if it wasnt for them I do not think PRS would be selling half of the Soapbar guitars that they sell.