DiMarzio DP224 AT-1 Andy Timmons
DiMarzio DP224 AT-1 Andy Timmons

DP224 AT-1 Andy Timmons, Gitarren Tonabnehmer from DiMarzio belonging to the DP224 AT-1 Andy Timmons model.

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bluediamond89 05/12/2012

DiMarzio DP224 AT-1 Andy Timmons: Produktbewertung von bluediamond89 (content in English)

"I love it!!!!!!!!"

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The guitar is a J&D Les Paul copy. Made in taiwan, mahogany back/maple top, bolt on maple/rosewood neck. The guitar is acoustically loud, and brighter than typical les paul.

I have owned duncan TB 4,5,6,12,15. Dimarzio Evo, Evo2, TZ, Super 3, Paf Pro, FRED.
The AT-1 is so far the best of them all.

The sound is fat but not dark, it's very balanced. Tight compact bass, thick syrupy low mids.
The high notes scream, but in very musical way compared to dimarzio EVO (more complexity and depth). Perhaps due to AT's Alnico 5 magnet as opposed to EVO's ceramic.

Solo playing is a joy with this pickup. It is laden with harmonics. Great sustain.
It responds well to dynamics in pick attack.

Compared to dimarzio Tone Zone (a highly popular model from dimarzio), the AT-1 does not sound exaggerated in the mids. The sound is classic, with a touch of fatness.
Much more natural, much more versatile.
Better lead tones, and better harmonics.

For heavy rhythm playing it sounds really brutal. In my experience it can get a bit flabby with dropped tunings. The guitar, being 24.75' scale might be to blame on this. But for normal tuning, it's really thick and brutal.

I find it a bit strange Mr.Andy Timmons use this pickup with normal output single coils. Because in my experience it has plenty of power. It kinda overpower my neck pickup (stock pickup, vintage PAF output level, gonna replace soon).

Honestly I'm thinking of loading all my future humbucker guitars with the AT-1. It's that good.