DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion

DP100 Super Distortion, Gitarren Tonabnehmer from DiMarzio belonging to the DP100 Super Distortion model.

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RiceEatin2010GT 21/10/2012

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion: Produktbewertung von RiceEatin2010GT (content in English)

"Vintage pickup with high output"

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DiMarzio released the Super Distortion a long time ago. I remember when it first came out and everyone started putting these in their guitars. It was usually a war between this pickup and the Seymour Duncan JB. Both were super high output pickups to help push the older, lesser gain amplifiers into overdrive more. This is pretty much a bridge only pickup. I can’t ever imagine using this in the neck because it would be way too high output. The pickup itself sounds very fat, so if you’re not into those somewhat dark sounding pickups, this might not be for you. The main goal was to help be compatible with old school Marshalls running everything at 10, so the pickup helped balance that naturally bright sound. With today’s amps and guitar tones, it’s not quite as pleasing at times. Iron Maiden was a good example of this pickup’s tone at times, as was Kiss. You have a lot of midrange in this pickup, so you shouldn’t really have any problems cutting. One trick you should do is play with pickup height because it’ll help give you some dynamics back and make the thing a bit more controllable. The pickup doesn’t work too well for modern music because it’s not quite as tight and refined as the newer ones today, but if you have a guitar that has a really bright tone, this could be the ticket to help getting a more pleasing tone without it becoming overly bass heavy in the lower end spectrum. Overall, if you’re looking for something on the vintage side, you can get this. You can also look into the Dual Sound because it’s the exact same pickup but with a push/pull pot for splitting. You can add a push/pull pot to this pickup if yours has four conductor wiring. If you’re more into today’s music, it might be worth looking at the newer stuff DiMarzio has to offer.