Atomic Amps Reactor 50/50
Atomic Amps Reactor 50/50

Reactor 50/50, Gitarren Endstufe from Atomic Amps.

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loudfunk 30/01/2012

Atomic Amps Reactor 50/50: Produktbewertung von loudfunk (content in English)

"Replaced my VHT power amp"

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The Atomic Rector 50/50 is a stereo tube power amp. 2 12AX7 for the phase inverter and 2 duos of 6L6 power tubes. Mine came with JJ's which I'm usually not that fond of, but in this case they were a very nice fit. Front panel controls are power switch, stand-by switch for each channel, as well as volume and presence controls for them.
The fun part of it is that you get bias points and controls for it as well on the front panel.
On the rear you have 2 fans, balanced XLR inputs from your pre-amp. As well as balanced XLR through jacks to run the signal say into a mixer as well. Also you get the usual unbalanced 1/4 inch inputs.
A ground lift switch for either channel and two speaker jacks per side. Impedance selectors too which allow you to run four, eight or 16 ohm loads.
And it's super light for a tube power amp.


Its a power amp. What I expect is to amplify what comes from the pre-amp and add some mojo to it. It does that nicely. It also is one of the few tube power amps that sounds great at low volumes as well as when it's chugging along and gets to move air.
I've tried it with Vintage 30 loaded cabs which are relatively forgiving as it is. SO no surprise that worked well. My have was using it with slot ported 2x12 cabs with either Celestion G1265 or Heritage Gold speakers. Are very nice combination.


The pre-amps I tried it with was the Fractal Axe-Fx Ultra, Axe-Fx2, Digi Design 11 Rack, Line 6 HD 500, Marshall JMP1, as well as loaded down heads. For this I used a black face Fender Bassman, and 72 JMP, and a clone of a 20 watt TMB Marshall. All of them sounded glorious at all levels.
Guitars I ran the usual suspects, Baker B3, Vigier Excalibut with EMGs, Starts and tells.


I would replace it in a heartbeat was it lost or damaged. It's such a good amp at such a good price how do you go wrong!