Gibson Firebird (1964)
Gibson Firebird (1964)

Firebird (1964), Gitarre mit V/XPL/FB Form from Gibson in the Firebird series.

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moosers 29/05/2009

Gibson Firebird (1964): Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)

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The Gibson Firebird 1964 is a guitar made in the USA that has an overall interesting make up. It has two soap box type pick ups and each has its own tone and volume control. It also has a pick up switch to choose between the two or to blend the two and has a standard ¼ inch input. It also has a whammy bar.


Playing the Gibson Firebird 1964 is overall a very enjoyable thing to do as the neck has an awesome feel and the guitar is extremely easy to play. This goes for any style that you’re playing and whether you are playing lead or rhythm guitar. The top notes are easy to access and the whole neck is very fluid feeling. I always find it very easy to get a good sound from this guitar, but it does certainly have its own unique sound and that is the sound that’s easy to get from it. The shape of the guitar is very cool and is part of what makes it such a special guitar.


The tones that are possible with the Gibson Firebird 1964 are pretty varied, but none of them stray too far from its core sound that makes it such a unique guitar. I usually only use this guitar for rock music as I feel it works best for this type of music, but I can imagine that other people could find cool uses for it outside of this genre. I use this guitar with a slew of different effects – usually overdrive, delay and reverb in addition to a few others, and use it plugged into a ’76 Fender Twin Reverb. I have only used this guitar for recording, but with this set up I’m always happy with the tones I can get.


I’ve been using the Gibson Firebird 1964 for about four years for recording and I’m definitely a huge fan of this instrument. It not only has a classic look, but also has a stellar sound. This isn’t a cheap guitar but if you are looking for a classic, the Gibson Firebird 1964 will provide you with that and then some. Overall just a classic guitar that every guitar player should try sooner or later.