Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth
Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth

Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth, Gitarre mit V/XPL/FB Form from Dean Guitars belonging to the Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth model.

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heads on fire 31/01/2012

Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel of Deth: Produktbewertung von heads on fire (content in English)

"Nice V axe!"

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Mahogany Top/Body
25.5" scale
Dave Mustaine Special Mahogany "D-Shaped" Neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Pearl Sharks Tooth Inlay
Grover Tuners
Black Hardware
TonePros Bridge
Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire Pickups
Case included
Angel of Deth custom graphic


This is a metal axe, bar none. The shape SCREAMs metal - a V, with very pointy tips, and a 6-in line pointy headstock. Then the graphic jumps out at you - bloody angel wings! There is no denying the aggressive look in this guitar, and the pickups, neck, and hardware go with that. The neck is ridiculously playable - complex and fast chording riffs and solos were done almost without thinking. The workmanship on the guitar is very nice, and she sure sounds good, too.


I'm a big fan of the sounds on this. Of course, the guitar was designed for metal, but in a studio setting, one could get away with playing nearly anything, even jazz on this. I wouldn't recommend doing it live, unless you're an extremely against-the-grain type person, as the brazen cosmetics wouldn't get one invited back. In a hard rock and metal context, however, this axe will draw stares, drools, and many conversations! The sustain is out of this world, and the bridge pickup would cut through an aircraft carrier hull. The neck is one of those smooth, lyrical lead guitar sounds that someone like Slash would enjoy using.


Overall, this is a real winner of a guitar. Dean has outdone themselves in creating an iconic world-class metal axe worthy of a truly original guitar hero like Dave Mustaine. If you have a chance and love playing crushing riffs and righteous over-the-mountaintop solos, this guitar is right up your alley. Playability is off the charts, sound is great, and the looks are very distinctive. 9 of 10.