Yamaha PAC311MS
Yamaha PAC311MS

PAC311MS, Gitarre mit TC Form from Yamaha in the Signature Guitars series.

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loudfunk 31/01/2012

Yamaha PAC311MS: Produktbewertung von loudfunk (content in English)

"Well worth the money..."

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22 fret Tele style guitar. Actually Yamaha's take on Mike Stern's signatureTele he got from Roy Buchanon.
Humbucker in the neck, Hot Rails in the bridge. 6 saddle bridge instead of the more traditional 3 barrel ashtray style.One piece maple neck, ash body.


It's a player alright, especially after I set it up for my needs. Fret access is nice. It is well balanced.
Hardware and electronics is what you'd expect from a low end Taiwan build guitar. The pots needed replacing fairly quickly. As did the pick-up selector.


I used this pre-dominantly as a "shredder" with high gain amps. Mesa Trem-oVerb, Fryette Amplification Deliverance D60, Soldano Avenger with DeYoung transformer...
For that purpose it's a lovely guitar, for clean the puck-ups are just too hot. And it certainly is not vintage sounding, even through say my old 60s Black Face Fender Bassman.


The stock pick-ups and bridge as well as the aesthethics will scare any self respecting Tele player off.
That said as a back-up this guitar certainly was worth the $250 I paid for it. The neck has a nice medium C shape and flat boat so it sure is a burner.
It hold the tuning well despite the low end hard ware. The one down side is that it came set-up poorly, which was easy to fix myself. The only thing were it had to go to the shop for was to re-cut the nut since the low e-string had a tendency to pop out of the nut when hit any harder than with a feather like attack.

As a back-up I certainly would buy another if this one was lost.And updating the pick-ups and hardware a $200-300 investment will make this actually a good instrument. I'm actually interested in trying the high end model and see how that compares.