Jay Turser JT-LT
Jay Turser JT-LT

JT-LT, Gitarre mit TC Form from Jay Turser.

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lbj273 11/02/2012

Jay Turser JT-LT: Produktbewertung von lbj273 (content in English)

"Great Value"

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-Mahogany body with rosewood veneers
-Double bound
-Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
-Rosewood veneered head stock
-Vintage 6 saddle bridge


The hardware used is rather cheap and could use an upgrade for sure, but it is usable out of the box. The neck is on the thin/small side and is very thin near at the nut which makes chords feel a little cramped for my big hands. With that said, the guitar plays very nicely. There were no sharp frets when I bought it which is often a problem for cheap guitars. The reason that I bought it was that it played as well as if not better than all the other telecasters in the store, including G&L's and a few Fender High Way 1 Telecasters.


So far the only amp that I have used it with is my modified Fender Champ 600, but it sounds great for blues and classic rock. Being made of mahogany and not the usual alder, ash or pine, it is rather dark sounding for a Telecaster. Its a nice change of pace. It can still do the Tele twang sound, but it can also do tones that you don't get with standard Telecasters. The bridge pickup is very cheap and was borderline unusable. The neck pickup however sounds really good, especially in comparison to to the bridge.


While this guitar is cheap, it doesn't suffer from some of the typical problems that you see with cheap guitars. It has very low action and absolutely no fret buzz, and not sharp/undressed frets. The bridge intonates perfectly, and the tuners, although they feel cheap hold tune well.

I bought this guitar as a mod platform, and it is a very good guitar for that. It is usable stock, but in order to make it sound as well as it plays and feels, it needs some upgrades.