Fender Vintage Hot Rod '52 Telecaster
Fender Vintage Hot Rod '52 Telecaster

Vintage Hot Rod '52 Telecaster, Gitarre mit TC Form from Fender belonging to the Vintage Hot Rod '52 Telecaster model.

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loudfunk 30/01/2012

Fender Vintage Hot Rod '52 Telecaster: Produktbewertung von loudfunk (content in English)

"What a surprise...."

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The Tele that Fender should've conceived in the first place...
Mini bucker in the neck, Tele bridge pick-up both by Seymour Duncan, 9 1/2 ich radius on the board, 3 way selector, volume, tone. 3 barrel ashtray bridge. Ash body, one piece maple neck and board, 21 frets. And that's all she wrote. What a Tele should be.


It's a Tele. You literally love it or hate it. From the strident top-end to the twangy bottom end. But...this one actually shreds. You can do all kinds of silly over the top things on it and it plays more like a 80s Super Start than a vintage Tele. So I guess you get Tele vibe with modern performance feel.


I played this with my normal rack set-up and amps, as well direct with the Axe-Fx Ultra and Axe Fx 2.
The amps I love this guitar with is little low wattage things I can crank the snot out of. Like a 20 watt marshall TMB clone or a THD UniValve.
It's also super fun with a 100 watt Marshall or a Black face Bassman.
There is a reason they call the Tele a "Man's guitar". You have to kinda wrestle the amp so it doesn't run away whistling at the end of every note. On the other hand it will nicely slice though the mix in bands with lots of instruments. Without having to be ungodly loud. And since it's a Tele the volume and tone knob lay-out/position let you do volume swells or fake way sounds without running to the pedal board.


What I like the most about it that it feels, plays and sounds great.
What I like the least is that as always there'd no arm contour so having the body edge in your right fore arm all night long can take some getting used to.
The other down side is just the same with all guitars with single coils. When you play anywhere with bad power you fight noise an awful lot. But then at least in this case you have the neck hum bucker to get your though that gig.