Washburn BT2
Washburn BT2

BT2, Gitarre mit Sonstiger Form from Washburn in the BT series.

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tony.pit 11/05/2012

Washburn BT2: Produktbewertung von tony.pit (content in English)

"Sweet, Well Made, 3/4 Scale Guitar"

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This little guitar has a rosewood neck, 22 frets, and two bumbuckers.


This is a nice little light guitar that I wouldn't mind taking anywhere to jam. The only minor sticking point is that the last frets on those higher notes are just a tad close togehter. Not good for the larger fingers. But that just goes along with the 3/4 scale guitar. But I just love this Washburn. I


I run this Washburn through a Peavey "Stereo Chorus 212". I am wanting a Line 6 212 Amp with all those extra effects....fun to play with, and would sound great with this guitar with it's double humbuckers. Love that metal distortion!


I like the fact that this guitar is well made, and will last for years. The only minor downside is that the high note frets are a tad close together, but that's only because of the 3/4 size. It's all good!!