Vantage vs600
Vantage vs600
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iamqman 14/12/2011

Vantage vs600: Produktbewertung von iamqman (content in English)

"Gone missing"

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This is an interesting guitar manufacture that was not very popular in the early 80s late 70s. This company is called Vantage and a primary filter guitars out of Japan with pretty good solid building techniques. This is a pretty well-built guitar even though it looks sort of funky and goofy. It kind of has the body shape of a Gibson 335 mix between a Gibson SG instrument. Probably because of the two cutaway horns that almost look like the SG and the double cut away Gibson 335. This is a thick dense guitar that features mahogany for the wings and a maple wood in the middle


As far as features go this guitar is pretty basic. You have a volume control knob and a tone control knob with a pickup selector in between. It is equipped with two humbucker pickups and that is about it as far as features go. Sort of your ordinary guitar with no added bells and whistles.


If you've ever played any type of Gibson instrument than can you probably will feel very comfortable with this guitar. This is a mahogany based guitar that uses a simple slab of maple in the middle chamber of the body. You get a warm sick tone but also solid high frequencies with the use of the maple wood. So you get a pretty good balance of total versatility with this instrument. One of the things I don't really like about this guitar is this unusually large headstock. It's rather big and clumsy looking. Overall it's a decent instrument if you can find one pretty cheaply and want to restorative. These guitars are not very common and would be very hard to find on the open market.


I have never seen these want guitars used anywhere because they were built in the early 80s and many of them did not last through the ages and they weren't very common to begin with either. I have heard of people finding him in yard sales and different classified sections for well under hundred dollars. It's a cool and unique if you're somewhat of a nostalgic collector but otherwise there's many other instruments that can do virtually the same exact thing that this guitar can and you can find them a lot easier.