PRS Custom 22
PRS Custom 22
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johnrae 20/03/2013

PRS Custom 22: Produktbewertung von johnrae (content in English)


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The Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Ten-Top is one of PRS's flagship guitars from the 1990's. It features a mahogany body with a carved figured maple top, twenty-two frets, a twenty five inch scale, and Mahogany neck with a Rosewood fretboard. Made in the USA, and solid everywhere. It features the HFS pickup in the neck/treble position, and the Vintage Bass pickup in the bridge/bass position. It has a 5-way blade switch and a tone and volume knob.


The guitar is an absolute dream to play. Every aspect of it is so perfect and so well thought out and planned for. It sounds and feels just incredible. Very sweet and quick action, awesome tones and really easy to get lost in. Really comfortable to stand or sit. Well dressed frets, comfortable bridge design, and nice shape. Really tempting to just sit and play it all day long.


The Custom 22 absolutely sings no matter what you ask it to do. It can go from chunky bass tones to twangier treble tones and all kinds of places in between. It gets heavy too, and sounds great on hot lead tones. I even played extreme drone metal with it! Also sounds great at my local jazz club through an old Fender Twin Reverb. Really responsive to the effects and amps you use on it, and a very unique sound.


Overall I am blessed by having this guitar in my life. I got a GREAT deal on it, and I'll never give it up! It's basically my dream guitar, but then again so is everything PRS makes. If this were stolen I would track down that thief and do unspeakable things to him! This guitar is a must have everywhere and there are days where I barely even put it down.