Ibanez IC300
Ibanez IC300

IC300, Gitarre mit Sonstiger Form from Ibanez in the Iceman series.

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Alive2000 27/01/2009

Ibanez IC300: Produktbewertung von Alive2000 (content in English)


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For being a Korean made, bolt on neck guitar, this 6 string stole my heart quickly. With 22 frets to make it scream, and two AH humbucker pickups, along with the tune-o-matic bridge, you've got yourself a guitar that screams "rock and roll."

It's knob configuration is streamlined for those who just want to pound out the tunes, with just one volume and one tone knob, and the pickup selector switch in the Les Paul position, right by the thin, Iceman neck.

This is a more radically shaped Les Paul.


The neck has an amazing feel, and after playing it a while, it easily drops into the nice, worn, have-been-playing-it-for-years feel to it. The single cutaway provides easy access to the top notes, and I've never had a problem playing anywhere on the neck.

The design isn't nearly as ergonomic as I'd prefer, however. The bound edges get kind of weary on your forearms after a bit, and there's no real contouring so to speak. With such a radical shape, you'd think they would maybe make a contoured top or rounded edges to make it more radical of a design.

Also, the guitar is very neck heavy, so you pretty much have to hold it up the entire time you play it standing up. The basswood body just isn't heavy enough to counter the weight of the maple and rosewood Iceman neck.

That aside, one can easily get a nice sound form the AH 1 and 2 pickups, and can really rock things out.


It fits some of the music I play, which is usually straight forward rock with a punk edge to it. It's definitely an attitude guitar.
I run this through my Line 6 Spider and a Morley Bad Horsie Wah pedal with great results
The sounds I prefer to get out of this guitar can be summed up into five words, and those are "distortion, distortion, and more distortion."

I don't like using the AH pickups for cleaner tones due to them being kind of hot pickups. It's a rock guitar, and it should be used accordingly.


I have been using this guitar since 1998 or so. It's my first electric guitar, and I've loved it since.
What i like most about it is that it definitely lets you stand out in a crowd. The shape just screams "look at me!" And usually people will.

I did try other models, but at the time, they definitely were not in my limited price range. This was a steal when I got it used with a hardshell case, so I did not want to let someone else get it before I did.

For my money, buying it used, I'd say it was worth the money, and would buy it used again if I had to. I don't think I currently have the option of buying it new anymore because I think Ibanez has moved on to make the IC-400 guitar, with it's set neck, and higher quality binding.

I would probably make the same choice given what I know now about the guitar. I have a soft spot for this line due to its use in some of my favorite bands, such as Kiss and White Zombie. If it was good enough for them, it's good enough for me.