Agile PS-924WE
Agile PS-924WE
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tjon901 19/05/2011

Agile PS-924WE: Produktbewertung von tjon901 (content in English)

"The PS-900 with a tremolo system"

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It has a series of attributes that are not found on many guitars. The body features an archtop mahogany body with large beveled cutaways top and bottom. You need those cutaways to reach the 24 frets on the 24.75 scale maple neck. It is unusual for a Les Paul scaled neck to have 24 frets. It has dual humbuckers and a and a fender style tremolo system. It has master volume and master tone knobs that are recessed into the body with a 3 way toggle switch pickup selector. The pickup selector is nicely angled so it is very natural to switch pickups when you are playing with the guitar at an angle. It has an angled headstock so it doesnt have to use string trees which may cause tuning problems. On the back of the headstock are Grover tuners with an 18-1 ratio.


With the archtop body it is very comfortable to play. It fits under your arm perfectly. The beveled cutaways make reaching the highest frets easy which is important on a 24 fret neck and even more important when its 24.75 scale. I just wish it had an ebony fretboard and bigger frets. With the Fender style tremolo system you must remember that it is non-locking and will go out of tune if you use it too much. I would recommend some locking tuners at least but this still wont be as good as a locking nut or a Floyd Rose double locking system.


The mahogany body balances out the high ends and the neck pickup is smooth and clear. The jack is a bit noisy at times but this is a common problem on cheap guitars. If you dont use the tremolo system the tuning is rock solid. Some say having a tremolo system can decrease the sustain but I dont think any decrease in sustain is noticable and any decrease in sustain is out weighed by the increase in versatility and playing fun.


Its amazing that you can get such a good guitar for so cheap now. They later on came out with a version that had an ebony fretboard They recently changed this model. It is now called the Hawker and has a indentation on the end of the guitar near the rear strap peg. I do not think the guitar looks as good now but it is basically the same guitar.