Gibson SG Gothic
Gibson SG Gothic

SG Gothic, Gitarre mit SG Form from Gibson in the SG series.

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moosers 27/01/2009

Gibson SG Gothic: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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My Gibson SG Gothic was made in the USA and was made in 2001. It has two humbucker pick ups that can be individually controlled with the volume and tone knobs. I believe it has 24 frets, but I'm not 100% certain on this. I'm pretty sure that this guitar is very similar in make up to the standard SG, but I'm not certain on this.


One of my favorite things about this guitar is the feel and the action of the guitar. It has a fluid feeling neck and it is easy to slide from place to place. It is as easy to play high on the fretboard as it is low, granted that your guitar is fairly new and has been keep in good shape. Since it is an SG, it has the patented SG shape which to me is as cool as any shape of guitar that I have seen. It isn't too heavy, but isn't the lightest guitar I've played either. It definitley has the signature SG sound as it is easy to get a fat tone, great for playing big rock songs and power chords.


The Gothic SG isn't my only guitar, but it is great to pick up and play when I want to get that huge rock sound that the SG is known for. I use it with my 76' Fender Twin Reverb amp and a few distortion pedals to get a nice and fat crunchy guitar tone. It also sounds really good for lead tones and is nice with a Boss CS-3 compression pedal, some distortion or overdrive and some delay. While it is a great sound for rock, it wouldn't be my first choice for a guitar if I was playing jazz or something that requires more of a clean tone.


I've had this guitar since I bought it new eight years ago in 2001. The things I like most about it are that it has a great feel and a great thick tone. As it is a Gibson guitar, you know you are going to get a nice guitar that will be able to hold up over time. It also has a really cool all black finish with a silver moon on the 12th fret. For the price you are going to get a well made SG guitar that not only feels great, but also sounds great. I love having my Gothic SG around and I would probably get another SG (standard, if not Gothic), if mine ever got lost or stolen.