Squier Standard Stratocaster
Squier Standard Stratocaster

Standard Stratocaster, Gitarre mit SC Form from Squier belonging to the Standard Stratocaster model.

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FateFelledVictim 01/10/2008

Squier Standard Stratocaster: Produktbewertung von FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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I used this while practicing in a garage band not too long ago. It was made in Japan, had 3 pickups, all of the stock configuration, with a volume and tone nob. My friend who owned the guitar said that the neck was maple, but I believe he bought that new.


The neck on the guitar originally was alright, but at times, felt pliable and brittle. The last frets were easy to access due to the style of the body. The guitar is well balanced and was not overly heavy or awkward shaped at all. The sound was alright, but could use a little tweaking, maybe new strings or some new pick ups.


This guitar is suited for pretty much any style of music, as it only a beginners guitar, and with the right effects, can sound a lot better. I played it through a 15 watt old Kustom guitar amp, but my friend uses a Fender amp, and it sounds far better through the Fender amp. I use a clean chorus and a distorted chorus primarily, but switch to phase shifter and flanger from time to time. My favorite thing about this guitar is the price, but my least favorite part is the stock hardware, as it is very cheap.


I have used for about 2 months, and my friends used his for a year. The price is really what got us, but the hardware is horrible, and the pickups are pretty lame, but will get you by. I played on an Ibanez and an Epiphone but bought this as a lugging around guitar, as I didn't want to damage the others. For the price, this is a good guitar, but there are better out there, like the Epiphone Les Pauls or the Ibanez RGX20's are also better than the Squier guitars. I would probably just spend my money on a better Epiphone over one of these.