LTD H-1001FM - See Thru Black
LTD H-1001FM - See Thru Black

H-1001FM - See Thru Black, Gitarre mit SC Form from LTD belonging to the H-1001FM model.

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tjon901 22/01/2012

LTD H-1001FM - See Thru Black: Produktbewertung von tjon901 (content in English)

"Good all around ESP"

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If someone asked me to design a metal guitar that is super playable and can handle every sort of heavy music I would probably come up with something similar to this guitar. This is the ESP H-1001. The design is not very radical by todays standards. It is a superstrat with a tune-o-matic bridge and active pickups. This guitar is a really quality piece. The guitar has a mahogany body with a set maple neck. The body has a flamed maple top for looks. The neck has a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets and offset inlays. Up top you get a 3x3 headstock with locking tuners. The nut is an Earvana compensated nut. The bridge is a locking Tonepros tune-o-matic setup with a string through tailpiece. The electronics is a set of classic EMG pickups. The bridge pickup is an EMG 81 while the neck pickup is an EMG 85. This is pretty much the standard when it comes to metal active pickups. You get a volume knob and a tone knob along with a 3 way blade switch to change pickups.


Hardtail shred guitars are hard to find so a solid one like this is a real gem. You do not have to fuss with allen wrenches and stuff whenever you want to change tunings or strings and it will stay in tune no matter what. I also liked the arch top body. With the 3x3 headstock instead of a 6 inline headstock I find it more comfortable to tune and change strings because with 6 inline headstocks I always hit my fingers on the tuners when I am tuning. With the compensated nut chords up and down the neck sound better and more in tune. A major dislike about this guitar is all the abalone on it. It looks pretty gaudy like some schecters from a few years ago. Another minor dislike is the battery compartment. You have to unscrew it to get to the battery so it does not save any time over just putting it in the main compartment. Most active guitars have a flip open battery compartment that is quick and easy.


The tone on this guitar just as expect. With the EMG pickups in it there are no surprises with the tone. EMG pickups are super consistant and give you a good heavy sound in just about every wood or construction type of guitar. Everyone knows what the 81 in the bridge sounds like. It gives you the thick active sound with lots of clarity. Harmonics come out very easily and it can push just about every amp into overdrive. The 85 in the neck is great for leads and better for cleans. When playing fast you get a smooth sound with just enough bite so you can still tell the notes apart.


This guitar has everything you need to rock out. It is super simple and rock solid. It comes with locking tuners and a locking bridge from the factory so its like it is already upgraded. The pickups are some of the best metal pickups you can get and they are factory stock as well. This is the definition of a solid metal guitar. This guitar can handle just about every type of heavy music you can throw at it and can do it with ease. The playability is great and so is the price. If you are looking for a nice solid metal guitar with active pickups this should be on your shortlist.