Jackson PC1 Phil Collen
Jackson PC1 Phil Collen

PC1 Phil Collen, Gitarre mit SC Form from Jackson belonging to the PC1 Phil Collen model.

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James... 20/12/2011

Jackson PC1 Phil Collen: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"A great creation"

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Made in USA. Maple neck. Mahogany body. Floyd Rose. Gold Hardware. Maple top. Dimarzio pickups. Sustainer in the neck. Has the full Cadillac of features. The ultimate super strat.


I have been a huge def leppard fan for a long time. And my love for Phil finally out muscled my dislike for super strats. The first thing to note about this guitar is that it is heavier than you think it will be and the neck is huge. We're talking Fender baseball bat thick. I have small hands, and while I never get tired on this neck, I have a hard time with it during chords. It's not a deal breaker. Just a note for guys with smaller hands. The vibe, despite the look of the guitar is that it plays like an old 60's strat with a floyd.


I usually play mine through a number of rack effects and a Splawn Street Rod. It's kind of my hair metal setup I guess you could say. I rarely play cleans with this guitar. It's pretty strictly for Def Leppard covers only. The Super 3 pickup is very very thick. Lots of mids. The center pickup sound odd by itself and is more meant to be used in conjunction with the other two. The sustainer is well...awesome. It does exactly what it's supposed to. You can hold notes forever and make some crazy soundscapes. It might be my favorite feature on a guitar...ever.


The guitar is not incredibly comfortable to play but I guess it is what it is. I still enjoy playing it. There is honestly nothing else like it, that's for sure. It nails down the Def Leppard vibe perfectly. It's a pricey guitar but well made and there isn't any skimping on features. If you like a beefy fender style and you want to get that mid heavy thick 80's lead sound, this would be your dream guitar for sure. The sustainer alone is worth the price.