Ibanez RG220
Ibanez RG220

RG220, Gitarre mit SC Form from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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FateFelledVictim 28/09/2008

Ibanez RG220: Produktbewertung von FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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This guitar was made in Japan, and is a good guitar for a beginner. It has 22 medium size frets, which could be a little bigger, but I am used to playing Bass. It has a single tone control and a single volume control, and a switch to interchange between the two Powersound pick ups.


The neck is nice and thin, which allows fast variation between frets, but feels durable. The frets are all accessible, as this one allows the same access to the frets as Fenders and Schecter. The weight of the guitar is the issue, as t is heavy for being such a little guy, but other than that, I have no issues. The sound on a clean setting is to die for, while distortion still holds a great crunch. It all depends on what your other equipment is to get a good sound, but played through a Fender amp, this is amazing sounding.


It suits almost any style of music, as me and my band play jazz to metal, but the guitar is slightly more suitable for rock. I play it through a Fender tube amp with built in distotion, and it is amazing. I use some chorus, overdrive and distortion, but still use a clean sound now and then. The guitar sounds best with a clean chorus or distorted chorus, but doesn't sound too good with a flanger, but then again, I don't like flangers.


I have been using this about a year, and the guitars best attribute is the neck. The only negative part is that the jack wears out and needs to be replaced and that it is heavy. This is far better than the Fender Squire Strats and other cheap guitars, and for the price, is a very versatile guitar. Overall, I would buy it again.