Hohner ST victory
Hohner ST victory
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scotttracey84@msn.com 29/09/2014

Hohner ST victory: Produktbewertung von scotttracey84@msn.com (content in English)

"My HOHNER st victory"

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My 80's HoHNER ST Victory
Body is Solid maple
Neck maple & rosewood
Cherry Red
1 Volume Push & pull
1 Tone
License Floyd Rose
Bridge pickup 85 EMG Select
The only thing I didn't like about the guitar was the German SteinBurger bridge it was crap when using the tremolo bar, So I Router the body out and Install a Floyd Rose,When doing this I had to fill & glue in some spots with wood not hard to do it just takes time, It was worth it,I just love the guitar is now one of my favorite guitar to play, But I don't know what there worth today.Thanks for reading and hope this was help full.


Yes you can very nice fret board.


Marshall DXF 50 watts Evh to zztop


The neck & body style like but the original Bridge crap.