Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster
Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster

Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster, Gitarre mit SC Form from Fender belonging to the [Artist Series] Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster model.

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crankyrayhanky 19/04/2012

Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster: Produktbewertung von crankyrayhanky (content in English)

"Great tone, but unforgiving!"

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This axe is made in the USA. It has 3 single coil DiMarrzio pickups; the switch is surprisingly 3way (not 5). 1 volume, 2 tone controls, 22 frets, and the standard Strat style whammy bar. Every fret is scalloped, which is a different feel from "normal" fretboards. The nut is brass and exudes a cool chimey resonance to the tone.


Access to the top notes are easy enough- not as sleek as shred axes, but plenty good enough and worlds better than a Gibson Les paul. It is super easy to get a ton of great tones out of this instrument, more on this in the next section. Unlike some cheaper guitars that are headstock heavy, this design is ergo-dynamic and well-balanced- fits like a glove. I grew up on Ibanez guitars and have recently moved to mostly Gibsons;positioning my right hand felt a bit awkward. Strats volume control seems to be in a spot where my right hand likes to lay, so that took some adjustment. I hear many others on forums say similar things- some even rewire and move the knob elsewhere to solve the issue. I managed to change my approach when using this axe, and that can be a good thing in some ways. Another factor is the feel of the bridge; it seems to be more abrasive on the right hand palm mute that smoother Gibson Ibanez guitars. Players who play modern metal with lots of palm mutes may take heed- but chances are there will be more traditional players who play this axe, so it may not effect them.


I have a Randall MTS system with lots of modules including dozens of professionally modified modules emulating Cobra, Marshall, Rectifier, MesaMark, Orange, JTM, Blackface, Deluxe, XTC, Diezel, 5150, Engl, and many more…My favorite tones were those from the Fender; those clean and dirty tones really sounded awesome with this guitar.

I bought this guitar straight from a website without trying it, thinking I could get all those classic Strat tones PLUS go into some Metal. I'm actually a bit disappointed at the Metal tones; I can't really jive with the Marshall mid to hi gain sounds. My buddy has one and loves it for that style, but for me itseemed like a square peg in a round hole. Hi gain= LP for me and Strats just don't do it for me. Strange though, when I record with it, it sounds great- but playing it I feel out of place. YMMV

I use a Dunlop wah and have tried MXR overdrive as well as the Yngwie DOD overdrive. The Yngwie DOD sounded great with it as it really complimented the tone, providing a cool dirty-ness that I enjoyed.


I love the single note tone on this instrument- it just sings and exudes quality TONE. A few times I thought there must be reverb on my amp, but no, no reverb, no delay, no fx- the axe is just delivering a angelic glow around the note that is very unique and intoxicating. Perhaps it is a combination of the low output pickups, brass nut, great wood, scalloped fretboard- I don't know- but the notes sing especially well on the neck pickup. Beautiful.
The bridge pickup is sensational for clean to dirty tones. I love my Blackface and Tweed modules on this setting- it delivers a great os Lonely Boys/SRV tone that sounds like Money.

i generally stay away bridge pickup- it comes off a bit harsh when you play aggressively...according to my tech, I play like King Kong, so no go on the bridge. This axe demands a gentle touch, the scallops and the entire build just really work well with a gentle approach, so that is a bit of a challenge for me. People who can adapt LOVE the vibrato on this guitar. Single string passages sound great as do sweeping arpeggios.

The tone knob at 10 clicks in and creates a true bypass- making the signal chain more pure. this works great for me on the middle pickup, but for the bridge I often have to dial it back due to my heavy handed style.

This guitar is unforgiving and will expose your weaknesses- it is dead accurate and precise, so good chops are needed here. my slop technique works better on LPs, so this axe has somehow IMPROVED my playing.

I love many things about this axe, but due to my aggressive hands, slop technique, and love for metal, I would opt for a nonscallopped Strat that had a humbucker in the bridge. This axe does have a specific sound that is unparalleled- it really has great strengths. Put this in the definitely try before you buy, it is unique and may or may not be your magic Strat.