PRS SE Mark Tremonti - Black
PRS SE Mark Tremonti - Black

SE Mark Tremonti - Black, Gitarre mit LP Form from PRS belonging to the SE Mark Tremonti model.

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James... 22/12/2011

PRS SE Mark Tremonti - Black: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"Not impressed"

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Chinese made I think. Mahogany body and neck. Rosewood fretboard with bird inlays. 25" scale and 22 frets. PRS humbuckers. Les Paul style electronics.


I work part time at a fairly large music store. We got a large shipment of the SE line in, and I took a couple days to set them all up and test them. The Tremonti is a fairly no frills model besides the inlays. It does not feel very solid in the hands to be frank. The finish feels kind of cheap even compared to other guitars in this price range. The fretboard wood feels dry and cheap. The tuners feel okay but I can tell they aren't up to par with grovers or anything. Feels like they might fail any minute. The other hardware seems okay although the design of the bridge isn't that innovative. Would it be that bad to just put a trem on there PRS? The electronics feel decent enough. They are about the only thing on the guitar that feel in line with the price. The playability is okay. But the whole guitar just feels a bit too cheap for me. I have held a lot of korean/chinese made guitars and this is definitely on the cheaper end.


The sound isn't too hot either. These pickups are clearly not duncans or anything. They sound passable, but very flat. The cleans are sterile and the leads are mud. I never thought a guitar could make my Budda Superdrive sound flat. This one kinda does. The sound is just meh. I don't know how else to say it. Sounds like it's trying hard to be a Les Paul but doesn't have the spirit.


I should also mention, it goes out of tune fairly often and the factory strings don't do it any favors. How does PRS sell these? This seems more like a $300 guitar at best when you get it in your hands. They look nice on the wall but once you plug in the guitar is another story. I would recommend you get a real Tremonti or find another SE model that isn't as bad. Seems like PRS tried to go super low on the production costs to maximize profit because I'm looking at all the things on this axe and they don't add up to the asking price.