PRS SE Singlecut - Antique White
PRS SE Singlecut - Antique White

SE Singlecut - Antique White, Gitarre mit LP Form from PRS belonging to the SE Singlecut model.

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tjon901 19/01/2012

PRS SE Singlecut - Antique White: Produktbewertung von tjon901 (content in English)

"Dave Navarro singlecut kinda"

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The PRS SE line of guitars is PRS's group of foreign made guitars. They are made for younger players or players who dont have the money to buy a USA made PRS. These guitars are pretty much built to the same spec as the USA models just being made overseas the production costs are lower. This is the SE Singlecut model in their cool white finish. The PRS white seems whiter than other companies whites. Whenever I see a white finish on a guitar like this I instantly think of the Dave Navarro Signature PRS. It has a mahogany body with a maple top. The neck is a set mahogany neck with the PRS wide fat profile. It has 22 frets with the PRS bird inlays. The tuners are non locking and the bridge is PRS's wrap around design. You get two PRS humbuckers with a master volume and a master tone with a 3 way toggle. The hardware is chrome. I guess gold hardware would look too much like the Dave Navarro sig. This example had a set of Seymour Duncans swapped in for a better overall tone. The PRS pickups are good but you cant beat the quality of a specialized pickup maker.


The PRS SE line of guitars are real solid players. This model has the wide fat neck or Pattern normal neck as they are called now. They are not as fat and daunting as the name says. They are like your typical Gibson necks with these. The wider width and flatter radius makes them a bit easier to play than a typical Gibson would. PRS doesnt put locking tuners on their SE guitars which is a shame. They are one of the few companies that design their own and constantly improve their tuners. I am hoping one day they will put a form of locking tuners on their budget line of guitars.


As I mentioned earlier this example had a set of Seymour Duncans in it. This is a pretty common swap if you want a better overall tone. The swap in this guitar was the JB in the bridge and the Jazz in the neck. The Jazz in the neck is a good pickup for modern lead playing. The Jazz is like a 59 but with a bit more high end bite to it for clarity. With the old 59 it has more of a vintage vibe but that means its more setup for lower gain situations. In higher gain situations the 59 can get a bit washed out. Thats why the Jazz exists to take a lot of the 59 feel and make it more ready for higher gain situations. The JB in the bridge is a classic bridge pickup. It has a good bit of midrange and midrange is what you want when you dont want to get lost in the mix. Everyone likes the JB and it cna do just about every style of music. If the JB isnt heavy enough for you then you might want to consider an active pickup.


The PRS Singlecut is a great Les Paul Alternative. Something like this is a great substitute for a Les Paul Studio or something similar to that. The quality on these guitars is well above their price on the market. While this is a newer model with a newer finish you can get older models in different finishes for about 400 dollars which is a great value. If you are looking for a singlecut Les Paul style guitar for the cheap the PRS SE Singlecuts are a good alternative.