LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black
LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black

EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black, Gitarre mit LP Form from LTD belonging to the EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony model.

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Mattfig 13/06/2012

LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black: Produktbewertung von Mattfig (content in English)

"Nice axe"

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Made in Korea...Here's the specs..

Its mahogany body is perfectly joined to a 3-piece mahogany neck, with an ebony fretboard, that features flag-shaped inlays and an ESP insignia on the 12th fret.

•Construction / Scale: Set-Neck / 24.75"
•Body: Mahogany (VB)
•Neck / Fingerboard: 3-Pc. Mahogany / Ebony (VB)
•Nut Type / Width: Earvana Compensated / 42mm
•Neck Shape: Thin U
•Inlays: Flags (VB)
•Frets: 24 XJ
•Binding: Aged Triple White (B/H), Aged White (N) (VB)
•Hardware: Gold (VB)
•Tuners: Schaller Locking
•Bridge / Tailpiece: Tonepros T3B-T & T1Z Locking
•Pickups: EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active (VB)
•Electronics: Vol / Vol / Tone / Toggle


This guitar plays very well. It arrived needing a setup and calibration but once that was done - every fret is accessible and no buzz...PLays like a dream as I like to keep my action low...

The EMGs really crank out a hot signal and I'd be careful with sensitive amps as it can clip a clean signal at hot levels...
The sound for hi gain apps is sick! The EMGs just rip right through the mix...High end bite is crisp, lows and mids are well defined...The clarity of the notes is surprisingly clear...

The design is great, typical Les Paul type guitar...It's thin and light but solid...


I use this guitar as my jazzy clean and my heavy gain beast...It cuts through a mix very nicely with or without distortion...It takes a clean or gain boost nicely too with little noise...That one beautiful thing about this guitar, lots of signal but not much noise..Don't forget to keep a fresh battery nearby as that can affect the tone greatly...Lithium is recommended...

This thing is built for Metallica but can deliver pop, rock, jazz, blues, etc...SHape the tone with the knobs and roll off a bit of volume to get a nice crunch...


This guitar rounded out my collection as I needed a hot EMG monster...This thing more than fits the bill...It surprised me with how well it can do jazz cleans...

The value is good...Sure there's better in this price range if you are looking for something different...But overall, it's worth it and no where near a bad price...It's held its value pretty well over the years although I have no intention of selling her...

I would buy it again but would insist on a good hardshell case...