LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black
LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black

EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black, Gitarre mit LP Form from LTD belonging to the EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony model.

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James... 20/12/2011

LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"Les Paul for metal"

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Made in Korea I believe. 24 frets. 2 volume 1 tone. Rosewood fingerboard. Ebony inlays. Mahogany body. Tonepros bridge. Locking tuners. EMG 81 and 60 active pickups. The neck is a lot like a cross between an Ibanez Wizard and a les paul classic neck if you have played one of those. These are pretty simple LP style rockers.


I used to play rhythm in a prog band and we were sponsored by LTD so I went through a bunch of these. First off, they hold up really well. Reliability is killer for this price range. I almost never have a problem with them. The simplicity of this guitar = less possibility for issues. The fret access is really good for a les paul style guitar and these weigh a lot less than a les paul. If you find a les paul heavy then this is what you need. It doesn't quite have the look down, but it gets that vibe.


When I had this particular model I played it through a couple of pedals and a Bogner uberschall half stack. That was the first Uberschall not the newer ones. My pedals were just an analog delay for ambient stuff and an overdrive. Nothing fancy. Because I play mostly rhythm I stick with the EMG 81 in the bridge which might be my favorite pickup ever for "chugging". The 60 is more for solos and cleans. I like it a lot but hardly get to use it.

My only quip about this guitar is that the body wood and shape aren't really translated to the EMG's which don't carry the tone of the guitar well. That's the pickup's fault though. If you don't like it, get some non active pickups.


I think my favorite thing about this guitar and all LTD's is how well they stand up on the road. The playability isn't bad either. If you're a touring guy, these are by far the best bang for the buck. I still have my first one (really banged up) from a 2006 tour. If you want a more "hot rodded" les paul then you can't do better than the Ec1000.