Ibanez ART320
Ibanez ART320

ART320, Gitarre mit LP Form from Ibanez in the ART series.

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iamqman 31/01/2012

Ibanez ART320: Produktbewertung von iamqman (content in English)

"Holy Cow!!"

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The Ibanez ART320 series is basically an alternative to a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Ibanez is really known for their tube screamer overdrive/distortion pedals and they're also known for their inexpensive budget friendly shredding guitars which take on a Fender Stratocaster style body shape. These guitars really take on the Gibson Les Paul body shape which has a different style of tone and voicing. These kind of guitars are really going to grab if you're on a budget and you can afford the real Gibson Les Paul guitar. They are quite nice to look out and they have done a good job building these guitars. They do come at a price that is very reasonable and they have that same comfortable neck profile that you would find on many of the other Ibanez guitars. They have a variety of different colors that you can get on this particular model which gives it even more appeal.


Neck Dimensions:
- Scale/Length: 628 mm/24.75 inches
- Width at Nut: 43 mm
- Width Last Fret: 58.5 mm
- Thickness 1st Fret: 20 mm
- Thickness 12th Fret: 22.5 mm
- Radius: 305 mm

Body: Mahogany body/ Flamed Maple top

Frets: Medium frets

Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood

Inlay: Diamond inlay

Bridge: Gibraltar III bridge


The tone on this guitar is very much like any other Gibson Les Paul instrument. They usually featured a mahogany body and neck with a nice flame maple top. This is a great wood combination that you're fine on some of the higher and Gibson Les Paul guitars but here you find it on a budget friendly Ibanez version. So when you put this guitar in front of a nice high gain or even medium gain amplifier you will get a great solid rock tone. It's hard to get this guitar to clean up very well, so you'll have to get in front of a nice Fender clean amplifier if you want to get a sparkling clean tone.


At new you could find his guitar sure right around $550 which is a great price for a great sounding and extremely well-balanced instrument. These guitars are nice budget friendly alternatives for someone who wants that Les Paul style of tone who wants a budget friendly guitar in a custody profile of many of the Ibanez shredding guitar necks. I would recommend this guitar to someone looking for a good alternative to a Les Paul instrument and doesn't want to pay thousands of dollars to achieve it.