Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite
Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite

Les Paul Studio Lite, Gitarre mit LP Form from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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PurposeToMelody 22/05/2012

Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite: Produktbewertung von PurposeToMelody (content in English)

"Great Guitar with Some work!"

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1991 USA made Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite, 22 frets original Gibson 490R/T pickups. The standard tone and volume controls for Les Pauls. Super simple Rock machine!


Great sounding guitar for what I payed for it (400 USD) Its hard to beat. Its your typical Les Paul, weighs about 7lbs and is super easy to play. I love the Ebony board, its feels great and looks awesome, the finish on the top is great, and there isn't a ding on it for a guitar that is older than I am its hard to complain.


I have used this guitar with many amps including a Splawn Pro Mod, Laney GH50L, 2CH Mesa Dual Rec, a JCM800 and a bunch of other things. I've yet to find an amp this guitar doesn't sound awesomely huge through overdriven or distorted. It's just made to sound big and that is what it does. To be honest it's cleans aren't amazing, it sounds a little lifeless in comparison to my tele, but you can't beat it for distorted tones, its just HUGE. For Rock, Metal, Hard Rock or any type of rock or punk its hard to beat a good old Les Paul, for cleans (especially glassy "pretty ones) look elsewhere. With a pickup change it could probably be good, but I can't tell you that right now, I plan on putting some SD's or BKP into it sometime soon and I'll get back to you on it!


as an overall ,its a great guitar. I love what it does and how it sounds. It's a one trick pony, but its a great trick that suits me perfectly. is this guitar for everyone? definitely not, but for a player looking for a great big sounding guitar Les Paul's are the way to go, and I highly suggest you look into one if you haven't already. as for price, new they're pretty expensive and I personally believe they're slightly over priced, but its worth it if its YOUR sound, so play around see what you like, and don't just take the word of my review!